Business Intelligence

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Powerful Analytics Through Software

We provide business intelligence through powerful software that reveals valuable insights into your data. From data collection to reporting tools, we deliver platforms that answer important business questions.

Our extensive experience with the essential process of optimising systems for reporting performance, so data can be returned in the most efficient and usable form, precisely when the user needs it.

Visual Clarity

We believe in substance over style, but seeing useful insights requires visual clarity. We aim to provide simple but elegant user experiences combined with powerful slicing of data for interrogative analysis.

We make use of various technologies to make data visually elegant while retaining appropriate usable formats, such as Google Charts, Billboard and Flot Charts, while we can create custom rendering engines for bespoke technologies wherever it is needed.

Big Data

Sometimes, small insights require big data analysis. We have essential experience with the big data processes of harvesting, ingesting, storing and analysing huge volumes of data from varying sources.

Our expertise using NoSQL databases to handle the largest volumes of data is complemented by our aptitude with structured relational databases for integrity and control. Working with big data usually involves data warehouse techniques to collate and simplify the record sets into a working data that can be easily filtered and interrogated.

Intelligence through technology

Our expertise throughout the technology stack allows us to deliver tools and analysis that supersede previous insights.

  • Server software through PHP, Java, ColdFusion
  • NoSQL databases for big data consumption and processing
  • Structured relational databases like MySQL, MariaDB and SQL Server
  • Charting engines such as D3, Highcharts, Flot, Billboard
  • Cloud data infrastructure configuration, e.g. AWS, Azure

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