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Providing reliable software solutions to businesses from a broad range of industries.

We Understand Your Business

With a core strength in technical skills, web-based software development is our specialism. Utilising various technologies including PHP, Java and ColdFusion, we work in close partnership with our clients to create useful applications that add real benefit to stakeholders.

Our exceptional customer service comes from our attention to understanding our clients' businesses: what processes already work well, what are your aims to improve, how can we reach those objectives without risking negative impact, how can we deliver solutions swiftly and cost-effectively? Often, this will involve breaking down developments into specially targeted phases.

Best Practices Make Great Software

We combine prudent project management methods with our programming talent to deliver advanced business applications, developed in cooperation with our clients’ budgets and schedules.

Our unique Lucid Project Management System allows us to break down, estimate, track, extrapolate, monitor and intervene on projects of unlimited size and duration, giving our clients a realtime view and control of their budgets and priorities.

We continuously keep apprised of best practices and techniques and implement them in our methods, whether in web standards, security, algorithmic efficiency or accessibility.

Covering the Technology Stack

Our exceptional team has expertise in all key levels of your technology stack:

  • PHP
  • PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Zend, CodeIgniter
  • ColdFusion and Lucee
  • ColdFusion frameworks such as ColdBox, FuseBox and FW1
  • Java
  • Java frameworks like Spring
  • Server configuration on Linux, Windows Server
  • Cloud infrastructure configuration, e.g. AWS, Azure
  • Database design, maintenance and optimisation, including MySQL and SQL Server
  • NoSQL databases for scale and performance, including MongoDB
  • Domain and advanced DNS management
  • Content delivery networks
  • HTML 5 and CSS3
  • Javascript and frameworks including JQuery UI, React
  • CSS preprocessing including Less, Sass
  • Server and software packagement management, including Composer
  • Charting engines such as D3, Highcharts, Flot, Billboard
  • Payment processors, such as SagePay, ePDQ, WorldPay, PayPal, Chargify
  • All manner of other third party APIs

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