Data Management

Let our experts take care of your data.
From maintenance to performance to migration, we've done it all.

Data Management Care and Expertise

We are experts in handling data, from migration and portability to sophisticated data processing, your data projects are in our safe hands.

We have vast experience of database design and modelling, using technologies including MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL Server and NoSQL platforms like MongoDB for flat performance.

Success from Experience

Our experience with data oriented projects includes systems such as Risk Profiling and Analysis, Bespoke Reporting Tools, business Management Information and KPI metrics, so you can rest assured we've been there and done it before.

Data Technologies

Our thorough experience throughout the technology stack allows us to take care of your data from collection to export:

  • Structured relational databases like MySQL, MariaDB and SQL Server
  • NoSQL databases for big data consumption and processing
  • Server software processing data through PHP, Java, ColdFusion
  • Charting engines such as D3, Highcharts, Flot, Billboard
  • Cloud data infrastructure configuration, e.g. AWS, Azure
  • Excel expertise when exporting, importing or processing

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